At The Northern HQ we believe you are an individual.  What you need to be productive is different every day and even within a day.  We have created an environment where you can concentrate, network and thrive.

Ground Floor
Our ground floor is a hot desk co-working environment.  It is perfect for those days you need to focus on the tasks in hand and get in done, whatever 'it' is that day.  
We have proper desks, office chairs and monitors should you wish to dual screen.  
There is also a small meeting room on the ground floor when you need to have private conversations.

1st Floor

On the first floor we have two main rooms (along with 1 of our kitchens).  The first area our dedicated desk space.  This room has only 6 large desks in it and users will have access to storage and the ability to leave all your equipment and ensure you have everything you need everyday.
We also have a boardroom which can be used for large meetings/small events and workshops.  This can be booked through our app and via the website.

Top Floor

This is our favourite part of the building, our business lounge.  It is colourful, vibrant and just a fantastic place to be.  The second kitchen in the building is on this floor so help yourself to tea and coffee.  It is a great place to hold meetings, work from or just relax in between important tasks.  The top floor also has a small private meeting room that be be booked via the app.

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The Northern HQ

103A Bradford Road Stanningley Pudsey Leeds LS28 6AT

Tel. 0113 426 7919